SR 161 Relocation (LIC-161)

Licking County, Ohio

This project relocated 5.93 miles of rural highway and 7.6 miles of additional frontage roads for access. It included the design of eight bridges (one over proposed SR 161 at SR 37, one over proposed SR 161 at Outville Road, a twin structure over Moots Run, a twin structure over Chinney Creek, and two over Chinney Creek on the adjacent frontage roads), one interchange, and five intersections. The project also relocated two streams that were impacted by the new alignment. The project was part of a plan to improve the SR 161/SR 37 corridor between New Albany and Granville. It relocated the roadway to upgrade it from a 2-lane facility to a 4-lane divided highway. These improvements increased highway capacity and improved safety for this major corridor. Final design responsibilities included roadway design, bridge design, drainage design, traffic control, maintenance-of-traffic, lighting, survey, and right-of-way plans.