Kyle 2022 Road Bond Projects See Movement

Corporate, Engineering + InfrastructureMar 12, 2024

News Source: Community

KYLE, Texas - Improvements are on the way for Bebee Road in Kyle.

Kyle City Council approved two Task Orders to Indianapolis-based architect and engineering firm American Structurepoint for the plans, specifications and cost estimates for the eastern and western portions of Bebee Road.

The task order for the eastern portion of Bebee Road was $3.55 million, and the western portion was $730,306.13.

What you need to know
In November 2022, voters approved a road bond consisting of eight transportation projects across the city. Both projects will realign the sharp curves of Bebee Road—between I-35 and Sunlight Boulevard—and upgrade Bebee Road between I-35 and Goforth Road, according to agenda documents.

The road bond also consists of four proposed roundabouts located at the following intersections:

Bebee Road and Kohlers Crossing to Seton
Bebee Road and Dacy Lane
Bebee Road and South Goforth Road
Bebee Road and North Goforth Road

According to agenda documents, the road looks to improve the city’s “transportation network” by reconstructing and widening parts of the road.

The timeline
The road’s final schematic design was completed in December 2023. The alignment and design features were approved by the City Council in January.

The eastern portion of the project is expected to go out for contracts in 2027 with a goal to complete all work by 2030. The western portion of the project expected to go out for contracts in 2025 and be completed by 2028.