Interesting Tips for How to Protect Your Home or Business

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A new American Structurepoint Making Our Point podcast reveals how homeowners and business owners can plan ahead to protect their structures/property. Protecting structures is more important than ever as severe weather disasters are occurring more frequently. In 2021 alone, a study found that extreme weather impacted more than 14.5 million US homes – approximately 1 in 10 homes – causing nearly $57 billion in damage. American Structurepoint’s forensic engineers and investigative team help businesses and property owners to proactively manage and maintain their facilities and respond quickly in the aftermath of damages.

Just like you would for your body, people should get a “checkup” of their home or business. Hiring a professional engineer or architect to conduct a periodic structure “checkup” gives property owners the information they need to plan and budget for maintenance repairs such as roofs, windows, and doors. These checkups, otherwise known as property condition assessments, are also strongly recommended before purchasing a commercial property so business owners are educated about the property’s current condition and can plan adequately for the future.

American Structurepoint Investigative Group leader and professional engineer Greg Susemichel, and the leader of American Structurepoint’s Illinois investigative practice, Charles Gasser, share a few key insights in the podcast including:

•Homeowners, commercial building owners, and property managers should walk their properties at least twice a year looking for changes to the conditions of their buildings. If they see concerns, they should call a qualified professional to assess their property.
•Every five years, homeowners and commercial and institutional building owners should consider hiring a professional engineer or architect specializing in condition assessments to evaluate their building. Such assessments will provide a snapshot of the overall condition of the structure and its components to help keep a home or business running smoothly and reduce surprise repairs, which often lead to business or productivity loss.
•Every day, structures endure environmental stress even when we can’t see it – weather including wind, rain, ultraviolet rays, heat, cold, and events such as tornadoes, snow, and ice storms take a toll on structures, and it is often unseen. All these stressors wear down a structure over time.
•Consistent roof inspections pay off. A roof accounts for approximately 10% of a structure’s overall cost, yet leads to approximately 90% of its problems.
•Forensic engineering is a great career choice for civil engineers, structural engineers, and architects with an appetite for solving complex problems and studying a building’s components.

To learn more about how our Investigative Group can help in the aftermath of severe weather, structural failures, or other building performance problems, please listen to the podcast episode entitled “Tips to Protect Your Home or Business.” You can find the podcast at, under the “Company” tab on, or on any of your favorite podcast streaming platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, and more.

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