Announcement from CEO Rick Conner, PE, SE

Architecture + Interiors, Engineering + Infrastructure, Federal, Investigative, IT Solutions, Planning + Economic DevelopmentDec 22, 2023

I am writing to reiterate the exciting news I shared at our company meeting.

American Structurepoint has enjoyed steady growth and vitality. Our company has been a key to transformational projects, provided an impactful foundation for the careers of many wonderful people, and provided great value to our vast myriad of clients. We now have 650 staff who operate out of 16 design centers in 9 states.

To support our future anticipated growth, I am announcing the following advancements at the executive level, effective January 1, 2024. I believe these changes will help us plan for the robust future that lies ahead.

Cash Canfield will serve as president. Cash will be responsible for the day-to-day executive leadership of the company.

*Ben Borcherding *will serve as chief operating officer. Ben will be responsible for the effective operation of our production and selling functions across the company.

Ben Braun will serve as chief people officer. Ben will be responsible for continuing to build recruitment, human resources, staff development, diversity and inclusion, and engagement operations.

Steve Davidson will serve as chief strategy officer. Steve will be responsible for the development of various strategies that will be required to accomplish our goals.

Jack Lashenik will serve as chief development officer. Jack will be responsible for companywide sales for our private sector.

Greg Henneke will continue to serve as senior executive vice president, secretary, and treasurer of American Structurepoint.

I am assuming responsibility as chief executive officer and am proud to be entering my 53rd year with our company. I will maintain engagement in and control over the company and be responsible for its overall vision and direction.

Growth is not just a “goal” at American Structurepoint – it is in our DNA. As we reflect on our 58th year, I am excited about what we have accomplished and what lies ahead.

Please join me in celebrating our growth and the promotions of these leaders as we continue to excel.

Rick Conner, PE, SE
CEO American Structurepoint