Internships + Co-Ops


Whether you’re still exploring or have a crystal-clear idea of your desired career path, internships offer an excellent opportunity to test-drive your future and get ahead of the competition. When you join the American Structurepoint team, we’ll treat you like a fellow professional—even if you’re dipping your toe into the business world as you explore your options. Our interns work on influential projects alongside seasoned professionals. There are many benefits to joining our team:
* Annual Intern Day for ALL American Structurepoint interns from each design center. *Check out 2023’s Instagram takeover. *
* Ability to cross-train with other disciplines.
* Professional development and mentorship.
* First consideration for full-time roles upon graduation.
* Opportunities to collaborate on real-time, high-profile projects.
* Scholarship opportunities.
* Networking opportunities with industry leaders.
* Competitive pay and housing stipend if you are relocating.


Our co-op program brings together the worlds of education and work by alternating full-time work and full-time study sessions. As a co-op participant, you’ll work with industry experts to gain firsthand knowledge—and mentors—in your chosen career field. You’ll be able to combine classroom and workplace skills to solve real-life problems.

To explore the opportunity to enter American Structurepoint's Intern/Co-Op Program, please apply below.