Pulchritudinous Peonies Paint Pleasant

Corporate, Engineering + InfrastructureFeb 16, 2024

News Source: The Hamilton County Reporter

Noblesville, IND - The Indiana Peony Festival is set for May 18, but one day simply isn’t enough time to celebrate Indiana’s lovely state flower. That’s why festival organizers jumped at the opportunity to partner with American Structurepoint as Noblesville’s peony experts to help bring the new Pleasant Street to life.

Soon, the Pleasant Street corridor will be filled with 650 peonies from 15 different varieties. The Nickel Plate, Midland Trace, and Riverwalk trails will all converge in one spot that will serve as a gateway into downtown for pedestrians and cyclists. You’ll be able to see peonies interwoven with walking trails and even public art displays. Better yet, with strategic companion plantings, there will be a little extra flower power in Noblesville, all year long.