Oak Hill Road Improvements, Phase II

Evansville, Indiana

The $4.9 million Oak Hill Road Phase II project was a complete reconstruction of the existing roadway that included two 11-foot lanes, a 12-foot, 2-way, left-turn lane, right-turn lanes, a 4-foot bike lane on both sides of the roadway, curb and gutter, a 6-foot sidewalk on both sides of the roadway up to Lake Drive and a 6-foot sidewalk on the east side from Lake Drive to Lynch Road, new inlets/catch basins, new manholes, a new storm sewer system (located along the centerline), and new signal loops at Lynch Road. The existing water main was replaced along with the installation of three retaining walls, two cast-in-place fill walls, and one modular block cut wall. Additional elements included new concrete drives, guardrail, thermoplastic pavement markings, signage, and greenery.