Lincolnway and Sturdy Road

Valparaiso, Indiana

Many segments of Eastgate Corridor (East Lincolnway) were in great need of improvement to revitalize economic growth in this area. Eastgate Corridor Segment 2 transformed the existing ‘triangle' intersection of Lincolnway, LaPorte Avenue, and Sturdy Road into a modern roundabout to alleviate safety and traffic concerns while creating an aesthetic view for travelers. This was the first roundabout constructed on a state road in Indiana. Eastgate Corridor Segment 4 reconstructed 0.4 mile of East Lincolnway from Roosevelt Road to Marks Road. It converted the existing 2-lane roadway into a 3-lane roadway with curb and gutter and sidewalks. Improvements to the roadway included adding a 2-way, left-turn lane, design of a new storm drainage system, intersection improvements with new traffic signals, design of water main and sanitary laterals, and lighting design.