Keystone Parkway at 126th Street

Carmel, Indiana

For this award-winning, locally funded project, American Structurepoint designed a teardrop-shaped roundabout interchange at the intersections of existing Keystone Avenue with 126th Street as part of the development of Keystone Parkway. American Structurepoint was also involved in the inspection of the 2-span, continuous, composite, precast I-beam bridge featuring a cast-in-place concrete deck slab. The team also constructed a French-drain system to drain excess water encountered during construction. Adding to the project’s complexity were unique architectural aesthetic features, such as decorative MSE walls, colored and pattern stamped concrete walks, custom signage, and ornamental railings. The project was finished in four months and the intersection was opened to traffic a year after construction began in April 2008. The city of Carmel has since reported a 78 percent reduction in personal injury accidents at this intersection.