I-65 Northwest Indiana Expansion Design-Build

Lake County, Indiana

This design-build project, also known as the Northwest Indiana Expansion project, included construction of added travel lanes and bridge rehabilitation along an approximately 13-mile stretch of I-65 from 0.63 miles south of SR 2 to 1.05 miles south of US 30. The scope included complete reconstruction and widening of the Kankakee River Bridges, construction of a third lane and shoulder in existing median while resurfacing adjacent two lanes and outside shoulder from SR 2 to US 231, converting outside PCCP shoulder to a third lane during construction of a new PCCP shoulder adjacent from US 231 to 1.05 miles south of US 30, deck overlay and widening of I-65 over SR 2 and Wirtz Ditch bridges, deck reconstruction and widening of I-65 over US 231 bridges, rehabilitation of another eight bridges within project limits and expansion/upgrade of an intelligent traffic system network along I-65 from 217th Avenue to 101st Avenue.

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