Lawrence Phase I Sewer Rehabilitation

Lawrence, Indiana

The firm provided design and inspection services for the rehabilitation of the City's 2011 Phase I sanitary sewer system by eliminating storm and sanitary cross connections and by rehabilitating manholes, pipelines, and lateral connections. The first phase rehabilitated the pipelines and manholes with the worst structural defects and greatest infiltration and inflow. The design uses the data collected in the firm’s previous SSES project for the City. American Structurepoint also collaborated with subconsultants to develop flow metering and field investigation plans, analyzed flow and field data, and collected and input data into the City’s GIS system. The sewer rehabilitation of Sewer Basin 3 was being funded with the largest remaining pool of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) money, which Lawrence received to complete the SSES. It's also the first major capital project starting under Lawrence's new mayor.