IDI Southport Business Park Infrastructure Design

Greenwood, Indiana

The site for this for this business park was situated on approximately 120 acres, between I-65 and Graham Road. American Structurepoint provided a host of engineering services necessary to prepare the site for development, including the permit/construction plans, required drainage computations, and utility coordination. The design for the development included site layout, grading, pond, and hydraulic design. American Structurepoint also applied for the required permits and facilitated the approval process. Land surveying services and roadway infrastructure design services were also provided. Our team designed approximately 3,400 feet of new roadway and designed for the utilities to service the new business park. The development required a public sanitary sewer force main with laterals to service future lots, water mains, storm sewers, a detention basin, and layouts for the dry utilities (gas, electric, and telecom).