FRA-270-36.94 (I-270 Outerbelt Modernization and Bridge Rehabilitation)

Columbus, Ohio

This project involved the complete mainline reconstruction of a section of I-270 on existing alignment from Big Walnut Creek to 0.8 mile south of the SR 16 interchange. Engineering services included the study of substandard geometrics at the interchanges of SR 317 (Hamilton Road) and SR 16 (Broad Street), the study of raising four overhead bridges versus lowering the I-270 mainline to eliminate substandard vertical clearances, an abbreviated safety study at the SR 16 interchange between Cardinal Park Drive and Taylor Station Road, identification of any substandard horizontal clearances on the mainline underpass structures, maintenance-of-traffic Alternative analysis (MOTAA), upgrades to the guardrail to meet current criteria, investigation of the need for tower lighting at the SR 317 interchange, upgrades to the drainage systems, BMP design and stormwater quality management, and additional bridge work.

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