Cass Avenue Sanitary and Stormwater Improvements Phase I-V

Evansville, Indiana

This project is part of Evansville’s LTCP and is providing sewer separation and resolution of flooding issues in an existing suburban area. The design of the project includes modeling the proposed stormwater system to evaluate the effects of the configuration and pipe sizes to optimize the design. The project included the design of about 8,000 lft of 72-inch and 84-inch storm sewer and 23,000 lft of smaller storm sewers within the project's neighborhoods. The stormwater management solution also includes construction of new sanitary sewers to collect the separated sewer flows and an 800-GPM duplex sanitary lift station with VFDs. The 30-percent study/design phase included a value engineering analysis that yielded approximately $1.5 million in estimated construction cost savings over the originally selected project alternative. The final design included five phases of construction to accommodate funding.