Eskenazi Health Central Utility Plant and Chiller Boiler Plant

Indianapolis, Indiana

American Structurepoint’s Structural Group worked with a team of architects and engineers to design the Chiller Boiler Plant (CBP) and Central Utility Plant (CUP) for the $800 Eskenazi Health campus. These critical structures provide utility service to the entire campus and are connected to the main hospital buildings via a system of underground utility tunnels. The primary purpose of the CBP is to provide chilled water and steam to the campus, and the primary purpose of the CUP is to provide back-up power, water for fire suppression, water treatment, and medical gases to the campus. It was a challenge to understand the unique requirements of the equipment housed in these structures. Our design had to support the large loads from the equipment and be properly coordinated to allow for all of these components to fit together.

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