The Healthcare Resort of Kansas City

Kansas City, Kansas

This prototype is based on a building program of 71,600 gross sft. This post-acute and transitional care center contains 70 skilled care and 30 assisted living beds. Amenities include a state-of-the-art rehab center that includes a therapy gym, spa, massage, and salon services. Additional amenities include restaurant-style dining, an internet/café bistro, social gathering areas, movie theater, and activity-based destinations. Administration offices and employee/staff work areas are strategically located to serve as a wayfinding mode as well as serve the inhabitants of the facility. These indoor destinations are further defined and connected by outside amenities that will serve the residents and visiting guests, such as an outdoor rehabilitation courtyard and putting green. The design also included a rooftop garden alternate, decentralized dining, and a second floor that is opened up for views toward the front of the building.