Cummins Corporate Parking Structure

Columbus, Indiana

This 291,300-sft, $10 million parking structure addresses traffic patterns both inside and outside the structure to promote efficiency and safety for vehicles and pedestrians. Natural and artificial light are introduced to promote a friendly and safe parking experience. This award-winning parking structure is an excellent architectural expression that was achieved at an economical cost. The design/build project was completed in 300 days and features a massive installation of vertical green walls comprising 7,000 sft of Basic Wall™ living, growing vines along two of the four sides of the 954-car, 5-story parking garage. Effective design-build delivery, streamlined architecture, and repetition pushed construction cost per space to 30 percent lower than the national average. After only nine months of construction, the structure opened on time.

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Awards + Recognition

2013 National Recognition Award

2013 Engineering Excellence Awards

2013 Award of Excellence in Construction

Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards

2013 Award of Merit

2013 Outstanding Achievements in Concrete