RDA Comprehensive Plan Update

Crown Point, Indiana

The Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA) has done much to develop infrastructure and the economy of the Northwest region of Indiana. In the 2015 session of the Indiana General Assembly, the RDA requested financial assistance to construct a southern extension to the South Shore commuter railroad. The West Lake Extension (WLE), with an estimated construction cost of $571 million, would run south along the western border of Lake County, directly serving the communities of Hammond, Munster, and Dyer and providing more convenient commuter access to a much broader region. The General Assembly approved a $6 million per year, 30-year grant, to support the RDA’s debt service obligations, but requested that the RDA update their Comprehensive Strategic Development Plan (CSP). The updated CSP highlights opportunities to create community and economic development in strategic locations along the corridor, thus showing a return on the state’s investment in the infrastructure.

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