Kent Moore

Vice President/Partner

Kent Moore serves as a principal and national sales executive for American Structurepoint. He also leads the Business Development Group. Kent started in 1999 with the firm and has over 20 years of experience working with community leaders. He has been involved in many processes that drive successful project management and build engaged client relationships, including developing federal funding mechanisms, public agency collaboration, strategic management planning, contract negotiations, business plan preparation, team building and staffing, market research and analysis, the formation of strategic alliances, and value-based management systems.

Since Kent has been with the firm, American Structurepoint has seen a tremendous amount of growth from sales of $12 million in 1999 to over $75 million in 2016. With a background in organizational leadership and supervision, Kent builds relationships to secure the funding necessary to complete projects on schedule and within budget. He is able to uncover funding opportunities for our clients and helps to develop creative and cost-effective solutions to their infrastructure and development needs. From his work collaborating with community leaders, Kent holds a great deal of empathy and insight into the needs of public agencies and understands complex federal project requirements and delivery.

Kent will strive to find funding opportunities for you to develop creative and cost-effective solutions to the challenges of infrastructure needs, growth, and development.

American Consulting Engineers Council, Indiana Chapter – Member
DBIA National Transportation Committee – Member
Indiana Association of Cities and Towns – Member
Indiana Association of City Engineers – Member
Indiana Association of County Commissioners – Member
Indiana Association of Association of County Engineers and Supervisors – Member
Joint Legislative Ethics Committee Ohio General Assembly - Executive