Corridor Study and Revitalization of Bridge Park District

Dublin, Ohio

American Structurepoint conducted a corridor study and traffic operations analysis of Riverside Drive from SR 161 to Emerald Parkway and SR 161 from Blacksmith Lane to Dale Drive. This study served as a major catalyst for what would become the Bridge Park District. Realigning Riverside Drive away from the Scioto River not only allowed the city to reclaim significant riverfront greenspace, but it also allowed the City and its development partners to reimagine the aging big-box retail space on the northeast corner of the intersection into a transformative, modern, mixed-use district and community hub. American Structurepoint was then retained to complete the detailed design of the partial 3- lane roundabout at the intersection of SR 161 and Riverside Drive. This roundabout vastly improved driver and pedestrian experiences in the area and significantly contributes to the success of Bridge Park.