TJ Maxx & More

Indianapolis, Indiana

TJ Maxx, located in the bustling Castleton shopping district, wanted to add their new Home Goods operation to their existing store; however, the existing space was too small to accommodate that department, so a new 55,000-sft retail building was constructed. The design of the new store was carefully planned to create a unique identity while respecting the existing character of the retail center. Project management responsibilities and services included site planning, schematic building design, design development, and the oversight of construction document preparation and construction administration. Due to the nature of the site and the owner's desire to add additional retail east of TJ Maxx, several code issues had to be overcome. The store footprint was moved to the east to alleviate the fire rating requirement on the west wall. To allow for the creation of future retail to the east, a four-hour fire wall was created along the entire eastern façade.