Fall Creek CSO In-System Storage

Indianapolis, Indiana

This project involved the installation of inflatable rubber gates for three Fall Creek CSOs. CSOs 063, 063A, and 065 consisted of 60-inch, 108-inch, and 144-inch concrete combined sewer, respectively. Construction included the installation of the inflatable rubber gates, piping, conduit, upstream level monitors, downstream flow monitors, entrance/maintenance manholes, valves, diversion lines, and control/equipment vaults. Incidental construction included rehabilitation and improvements to the concrete spillway to CSO 63, curb and sidewalk replacement, pavement resurfacing, traffic control, and other incidentals required to complete the project.

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"This project went smoothly and can be attributed to the professionalism and cooperation between the Designers, the Contractor, the Inspecting Engineer, and the Owner." Maurice Geisendorff, Jr. - Owner Project Manager