CR 250 S over Rain Creek (Mt. Zion Dam) Bridge

Rochester, Indiana

This federal-aid project included the demolition and reconstruction of the bridge and dam. The replacement of an existing single-span bridge with a two-span prestressed box beam bridge over Rain Creek was at a historic site. The dam involved the use of steel sheet pile walls with an earth-anchored spillway slab, creating an eight-foot-high waterfall along the retaining wall edge of the pond. The design included a partial separation of the existing single-span bridge and spillway structure for replacement with a two-span composite prestressed box-beam structure downstream of a sheet pile weir designed to pass the 50 percent PMP design flow. Project challenges included coordination of multiple federal and state jurisdictions and funding sources. Some of the technical challenges involved increasing the size of the dam to accommodate the hydraulic design criteria while minimizing the wetland and lake impacts.