Grandview Area Phase II Septic Tank Elimination

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This project includes designing sanitary sewer systems for five neighborhoods currently served by septic systems. The project includes 41,900 feet of 8-inch gravity sewers, two lift stations, 3,100 feet of 4-inch force main and 16,500 feet of low-pressure sewer systems. By reevaluating the route of the proposed sewers, the depth and length of the collection system was reduced, saving the city $5 million dollars. Coordination with the other utilities was critical in developing a plan that does not require a major relocation effort by the other existing utilities. The low-pressure system services 78 homes, each of which will be provided with a grinder pump station to pump the wastewater to a small-diameter pressure line within the street right-of-way and then to a gravity line. The small-diameter line will be directional drilled, thereby minimizing any disturbances to existing streets, driveways, utilities, trees, and landscaping. Access to the homes will also be maintained.