Palmera de Cabarete

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Palmera de Cabarete is a luxury resort on the northeast Atlantic Ocean coastline in the Dominican Republic. The resort contains 138 units in 11-, 3-, and 4-story buildings, most of which have direct ocean views. Other amenities will be a welcome reception building, spa and fitness center, restaurant, and retail center. The complex will have the capability to produce its own electrical power and operate its own water filtration plant and wastewater treatment plant. American Structurepoint is responsible for the overall project management of the architectural and engineering team of ten different firms in multiple cities. We were responsible for conducting a peer review of the project based on completeness of the drawings, constructability, and code compliance. American Structurepoint is also responsible for the design of the on-site water filtration plant, wastewater treatment plant, storm and sanitary collection, and water distribution systems.