16th Street Reconstruction

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This high-profile project will make the area more pedestrian friendly, encourage development, and revitalize the Town of Speedway. Construction planning is critical for the success of this fast-track project, particularly maintaining traffic access to Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) races. The $26.2 million project consists of realigning 16th Street and constructing a new roadway pavement between the existing Crawfordsville Road intersection with Georgetown Road and the existing intersection of 16th Street and Holt Road. The intersection of 16th Street and Main Street will become a 2-lane roundabout on opening day that is expandable to a 3-lane roundabout in the future. Likewise, the intersection of 16th Street with the proposed Holt Road extension has been designed as a 2-lane road that is expandable to a 3-lane roundabout. The intersection of realigned 16th Street with realigned Polco Street will be a signalized intersection. Polco Street will also be realigned. The overall project includes combined concrete curb and gutters, stormwater inlets, and a gravity storm sewer system. A combination of multi-use paths and concrete sidewalks will be constructed along the roadway. Georgetown Road will be closed from 16th Street to 25th Street and will become a pedestrian linear park. Also included in this project is the relocation of Dry Run, which will require new structures at Polco Street, the entrance to IMS Industrial Park, under the realigned 16th Street, and crossing Little Eagle Creek. This complex urban project includes coordination of multiple utilities, private and public entity coordination, urban design features, and funding complexities.