Cummins Parking Structure, Columbus, Indiana

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The 291,300-sft, $10 million parking garage was designed by American Structurepoint and built by F.A. Wilhelm Construction. The parking garage addresses traffic patterns both inside and outside the structure to promote both efficiency and safety for both vehicles and pedestrians. Natural and artificial light are introduced to promote a friendly and safe parking experience. The design of the structure encompasses the essential features of a modern parking garage, while simple enhancements to the façade and interior allow it to blend with the architectural surroundings of the downtown area.  Using a small palette of materials, the design expresses the grace of the concrete structural system, the strength of the steel cabling, and the transparency of the curtain wall. Verticality, again reminiscent of the adjacent pergola and other historic tower elements, is found in corner stair towers. The elevators are placed interior to the garage, allowing these “glass cubes” to be distinctive, finely detailed beacons to promote wayfinding and security during evening hours.