Marine Corps Reserve Center, Grissom Air Force Base, Indiana

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This 21,500-sft facility was a design/build project to provide adequate space in which to conduct training and administration of US Marine Corps personnel. A 10-member, active-duty staff with a reserve command table of organization of more than 100 individuals staff the unit. Military drill and other associated training is conducted in the new 2,600-sft drill hall. More than 6,000 sft of space was provided for the unit's communication equipment, communication electronic maintenance equipment, individual combat gear, classroom materials, and secure weapons storage. An additional 1,100 sft was allocated for administration and support offices. Military education and training is accomplished in four classrooms of various sizes. In addition, service and minor repair of government-owned vehicles is performed in the 1,300-sft work bay. The building's exterior envelope utilizes brick veneer and pre-finished metal wall panels. Colors and materials were chosen to match the existing buildings on the base.