Creating an atmosphere of creativity, responsibility, diversity, accountability, and entrepreneurship is the recipe for outstanding design in the fields of architecture, information technology, engineering, and transportation. American Structurepoint fosters that atmosphere because it's good for our business. And more importantly, it's good for our clients. Our personnel understand innovation comes from a constant flow of diverse ideas. The phrase ''because that's how we've always done it—is never a part of our conversations." We encourage our experts to try new things, start new divisions, and explore ideas that can help our clients achieve their goals, even if those ideas are unconventional. That's how American Structurepoint is constantly defining the built environment.


The Thirst Project

American Structurepoint teamed with The Thirst Project to build a well for a village in the Kingdom of Swaziland! Learn more, click here.

“You Are There 1913: A City Under Water” Historical Society Exhibit Sponsor

American Structurepoint is a proud sponsor of the Indiana Historical Society’s exhibit on the Great Flood in 1913. View exhibit details, click here.